About Us

MidMoGIS was formed in 2006. It has allowed us to be more efficient in how we create, store, access, and distribute geographic data. It also allows Cole County and the City of Jefferson to aquire better technology, including both hardware and software, using fewer resources. We continue to benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of both GIS staffs.

MidMoGIS is headed by a Joint GIS Steering Committee that meets quarterly to discuss issues related to the MidMoGIS partnership. Some examples of issues they discuss are: acting on recommendations given by the City and County GIS Managers, voting on new member status, providing for public hearings and other public input opportunities, and resolving disputes regarding GIS administration, data, or GIS access. The Steering Committee is made up of 4 voting members that are appointed by the Mayor of Jefferson City, and 4 voting members that are appointed by the Cole County Commission. Our bylaws mandate that meetings are hosted and chaired on an alternating basis (County in even years/City in odd years). The City and County GIS Managers are considered ex officio members. They do not vote, but advise and make recommendations to the Joint GIS Steering Committee.

Our hope is to continue to add new members to MidMoGIS. If your organization, in the Mid-Missouri area, is interested in becoming a member, please contact us for information.


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