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MidMoGIS is a partnership that was formed in 2006 between the City of Jefferson and Cole County, Missouri. This partnership allows us to share GIS data, projects, and hardware/software resources.

What is GIS? GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information Systems. GIS allow us to capture, store, analyze, and display geographic information. Various types of analysis can be performed and visually displayed through overlaying, merging, or joining different types of spatial and tabular data layers.
GIS is used in many aspects county and city day to day business. It is used for planning and development, emergency services, public safety, property assessment, displaying school, fire and voting districts, and much more!

This site enables users to access our wealth of geographic information. Previously available only by visiting our offices, you may now access this helpful spatial data from the comfort of your home or workplace. Our goal is to provide a cost effective means for sharing location based information. We hope you find this site informative and easy to use.

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View of beautiful Jefferson City, Missouri, our state capital.

View of beautiful Jefferson City, Missouri, our state capital.


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